I love rolling up my sleeves to help people find their writing persona on the page. Would you like support mastering your content? Contact me.

Manuscript Review

Need feedback about an essay, memoir, or other written content? Still perfecting your narrative voice? Tightening up your themes? Looking for ways to better organize/strengthen your story? I will give you detailed feedback and help you finalize your draft.

Content Development

Need help conceptualizing your blog, story, or book idea? We will discuss the essential elements of your narrative, flesh out the details, and do some story building together.

Copy Writing

Need edits, suggestions, or plans for your written content? I will review your needs and make your writing sing.

Megan is truly passionate about helping writers grow. I always trust her to give me honest, actionable feedback and push me to deepen my writing. When my work has passed the Megan Test, I know it’s ready to send out for publication!
— Mary Brindles, Essayist