Appreciation for Megan’s Teaching

“Megan teaches writing with gentle persuasion, humor, and compassion, while also seeing, honoring and respecting our personal struggles with trying to write about being human.”

“Thank you so much for an amazing class. You so gracefully pulled together the group and inspired us in so many ways to think and to write and to examine. I am really grateful to you for everything and grateful to the group for participating.” 

“Megan has a gift, writing with her is inspiring. She provides a safe space to learn and apply new techniques as we write in our own style. I keep coming back for more and can see my skills improving each time our group meets.”

“Little did I know how transformational the creative non-fiction writing process would be for me. I feel like I have just started a journey that will last a lifetime.”

“I found the class to be quite amazing. Your passion for writing is so infectious.”

“Skills of rethinking beginnings and endings and finding my ‘voice of experience’ help me put words on the page that really tell the story that is in my mind.”