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From Absence to Presence
The Grief Dialogues Blog

Gratitude to The Grief Dialogues--an organization committed to a new conversation about dying, death, and grief-- for inviting me to submit this piece about grief and the holidays.

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I am a Marionette
The Grief Dialogues: The Book v.2

I mourn the loss of my ancestral threads after both of my parents are gone.

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The Crying of Lot 1875-2, The Battle for People's Park, Berkeley 1969

The Crying of Lot 1875-2, The Battle for People's Park, Berkeley 1969

Take Back the Park

I reflect on marching through the streets of Berkeley during the People's Park Protest.

Sleep In at BHS

I describe the sleep-in we had at my high school following the People's Park march.

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If I Were You Honey, I’d Run, Not Walk
Lake Effect, International Literary Journal

I wrestle to make peace with the Freudian beliefs espoused by my father when I was growing up.

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Sunday Morning Tie Men
Existere Journal of Arts and Literature

I try to make sense of my father’s dubious business dealings after process servers show up at our home on Sunday morning, while we are still in our pajamas.

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Cio Che C’e (That What Is)
Silk Road Review

I reflect on my mother’s impressive ability to make something from nothing in the kitchen, and in life.

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Penman Review

My beloved second mother, James Ella, brought a dash of Christian prayer and a new moral standard to our Jewish home.
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Watching with Our Eyes Closed
Crack the Spine

From the time I was a child on my father’s knee, I have been exploring his blindness and the effect it had on our family.
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Yom Kippur vs The Giants
Amarillo Bay

Suffocated by my dress clothes, I sit through a Yom Kippur service with my mother and sisters, while my father and brothers listen to the World Series on the radio.
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Tower Journal

My father had a curious menagerie of cars and drivers during my childhood. He needed drivers because he was blind. But the hit parade of cars? Well… that’s another story.
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No Feet on the Railing
Oklahoma Review

Sixteen years after his death, my family goes to court to settle my father’s complex estate, the longest probate in California history.
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Where We Find Her
Diverse Arts Project

My quest to locate my mother after her death.
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The $10,000 Offer
Serving House Journal

When a South American friend offers to pay me $10,000 to marry him for his citizenship, my father goes ballistic.
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The Battle of the Brians
KYSO Flash

My mother and I watch Brian Boitano and Brian Orser compete for the Gold medal in the 1988 Olympics.
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I was the featured essayist for the Spring/Summer issue of this exceptional women’s poetry journal.
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Falling Off the Cliff

Magical thinking overtakes me when my blind father turns the family car around on a narrow fire road overlooking a terrifying precipice.

Hold a Good Thought

Following my mother’s death, I ask crucial questions and struggle to find faith.

I am a Marionette

I mourn the loss of my ancestral threads after both of my parents are gone.

A lot can be taken from you- even your life-but not your stories about that life. So this, then, is a word, not without love and respect, to a young writer: write.
— Colum McCann, Letter to a Young Writer