Grief Dialogues Blog Post Comments, December 2018

“I will only know through experience what landscapes I will find myself wondering about in... I hope to remember that we strengthen our souls through the pain of the loss so we can generate energy and give back and contribute to the soul of the universe as you do through these writings.” —Yoshiko K.

“Oh my gosh!  What a gift!  What a beautiful powerful thing!” —Sheila O.

“Beautiful and I am a believer.” —Karen M.

“My mother visits me in the form of a bird and drinks water out of her blue vase outside on my deck.  I am not sure which bird is my mother, but she always told me she would like to come back as a bird.  I love watching her drink and take a bath in her vase.  Sometimes my mother, father, sister and brother are all together at the blue vase and it puts a smile on my face and a warm feeling my heart.” -—Helen W.